Strong - Heavy - Tailormade

The SHT Gondula Lashing Cage models, our lashing baskets, the Personell Lashing Cage (PSC) and the Telescopic Personell Cage (TPC) - the most proven & efficient Gondula Lashing Cage / Lashing Basket types in the market.

Why Choose Us

Unlash your economics with 2 gondula cages

Less back and forth. Both sides at one time.

...and if you like with the telescopic model TPC even productive on the way back on the level below. Slim form, no containers to be removed for unlashing.

Best occupational safety

Safety protection all around the body.

Do not take any risk - let your lashers work inside cages, which are better protected all around, even against falling objects. Gondolas with self-closing doors. Many secondary locking options. Open design with vision increase.

Proven & Compact design

Most sturdy and durable design on the market.

Our solution is made to withstand the toughest conditions. At the same time it can be stored using minimum space.

Unmatched track record

High quality made in Germany - successful for nearly 40 years.

The SHT gondula lashing cage / lashing basket is fully engineered and made in Germany with durable high quality components. It is based on the long history of MWB and Sort + Store frames. Even at those times it was already build at SHT.

Your Options

Different gondula arrangements

We provide lashingcages with two fixed gondulas, two telescopic gondulas, but also with one central gondula.

Wide range of secondary locking systems

Lock your gondula lashing cage to the crane container spreader with upward twistlocks, hooks & chains, manual or automated, with clutch preventing and deflectors.

Add your Add-Ons

Bumpers, fall protection stee ropes, equipment hoders, transparent roof, mechanical doorlock, forklift truck sleeves and much more...

Electrical system

Choose your gondula electrics: emergency stop button, hook watchdog switch, status lamps, workspace illumination.

Parking system

Everything from a simple hanger frame, to frames with ladders & Platforms to positioning brackets.

Special needs

Strong. Heavy. Tailormade. That is our motto - so talk to us regarding your special solutions, equipment preferences and requirements of products.

Study our Gondula Lashing Cage in detail

You want to know all information about our gondula lashing cages Personell Safety Cage (PSC) & Telescopic Personell Cage (TPC)? Download the product brochures directly from this website which includes all information here and read all there is to know.

Download PSC/TPC brochure Download PSC/TPC Options brochure

High performance -
low operating costs

Come as you are - use on any common port crane
Low maintenance, robust design
Expandable from 20 - 45 ft
- 20°C up to 55°C
Product designed to highest universal standards
Highly shock resistant
Corners designed to go with any crane container spreader
Double top coating with a thickness of up to 200µm
Best client references in ports around the globe
Handy Gondula Lashing Cage / Lashing Basket

Unl(e)ash the potential for
your business

Do you want to browse through our fixed or telescopic Gondula Lashing Cage / Lashing Basket (PSC & TPC) products brochures right now here on the internet for more data. No problem, just go ahead.

View PSC & TPC

Key features

gondula lashing cage PSC

General benefits

  • No need for internal or external power supply; the used hydraulic system of the TPC solely serves the safe lowering of the gondolas.
  • Universal corner castings used. No need for extensions or modifications on the container spreader cranes.
  • Designed for compact storage dimensions due to the telescopic main beam (20ft width) enables compact storage on STS crane, particularly for the TPC with its vertical telescopes.
  • Best safety experience: The gondola puts lashers / stevedores at grip / eye level view with to best access their work.
  • Ideal product also to solve all kinds of disturbances / problems on container stacks (e.g. blocked or frozen twistlocks).
  • Maintenance personnel can take tools, welding torches etc. with them in the gondola.

gondula lashing cage PSC

PSC: Easy lashing & handling

  • The PSC can be stored everywhere on flat ground.
  • Fixed structure with double economics - nearly maintainance free.
  • Best working safety: Sturdy and stable construction, designed for the rough operating conditions.
  • Many optional modular safety features from our experience as lighting, secondary locking, locking indication lights & horns and much more
  • Equipped compatible to any industry spreader design.

gondula lashing cage tpc

TPC advantages - same ease, double economics

  • One level can be unlashed on way from quay, one on the way back. Totally lean, no waste.
  • Passive hydraulic system with no need of power supply. Energy is refilled by setting TPC on the ground.
  • Robust design of structure and hydraulics. Low maintainance need on used equpiment.
  • Improve overpations by low maintenance cost and high availability.
  • Product advantages have been proven by many years of terminal servicing experience under different types of cranes, spreaders and climate conditions.
  • A world-wide network of sales partners guarantees reliable data, information & service and quick spare part deliveries for used cages around the world.

gondula lashing cage tpc cranes privacy website

Safe and smart structures

  • Universal container dimensions 20ft - 40ft.
  • Robust, safe and light weight ST-52-3 steel construction.
  • Strong structural safety feataures as self-locking doors.
  • Stable roof for head protection safety.
  • Fits between stacked cargo container rows of nearly all ship types & sizes used.
  • No need for extensions or modifications on the used spreader.
  • Steel construction sand-blasted for durable product.
  • Compact floor storage dimensions with low height and due to the telescopic main beam (20ft width) enables compact storage on STS crane, particularly for the TPC with its vertical telescopes.